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Road to the Crown



Miss Olamma Africa Pageant is an online voting contest that culminates into a grand finale amidst a high-quality audience, the media, and stakeholders across Nigeria. Each contestant registers with her picture and generates a unique personal link to her page. She gets voted for through the link.

The contest is in two stages.


Contestants are Igbo ladies between 18-30 years of age. Contestants can either live within Nigeria or any part of the world. Any contestant living outside Nigeria must ensure physical presence at the grand finale as no representative will be permitted.

Only the top 20 contestants will make it to the grand finale in Enugu


Voting is done in two ways. 50% of your votes are generated from online clicks while the remaining 50% is generated from ticket sales. The First 2 weeks of every voting stage will be ticket sales (which amounts to 50%) while the last 2 weeks will be online votes (which also amounts to 50%) each voting stage lasts for 4 weeks.


WINNER – N1,500,000, a Toyota car worth N2,000,000, an all-expense-paid trip to Zanzibar, a lavish weekend at Bonny Island, media tour, Brand Ambassador Engagement, and lots of gifts

1ST RUNNER-UP – N1,000,000 a lavish weekend at Bonny Island + media tour and lots of gifts.

2ND RUNNER-UP – N500,000 a lavish weekend at Bonny Island + media tour and lots of gifts.

There will be consolation prizes, brand engagements, and opportunities across industries.



The following terms and conditions will guide the contest of Miss Africa Pageant. Your application and enrollment to the contest signifies you have read the rules and therefore submit yourself to its provisions

1. Entrants must be female and a minimum age of 18 years old NOT above 30years of age

2.Contestants who are married or have children are NOT welcome to enter the contest.

3. Contestants must come from any of the 5 Igbo states of Nigeria and Igbo speaking Delta but can be resident anywhere in the world.

4. There must be nothing in your background that could bring the contest, the organizers, or its sponsors into disrepute.

5. All contestants must be responsible for the contest fees. This includes Registration, camping, your local expense to attend the camp.

6. If selected as a winner you will be required to stay back in Nigeria where you will carry out your pet project. All trips to any country would be from Nigeria. You may be allowed to go back to your country of residence after the grand finale for a period of 4 weeks in order to pay homage to your family after which you will be expected to return to Nigeria to commence your pet project.

7. All fees/entry fees, Visa fees are non-refundable, and any other required fees.

8. All monetary votes are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances.

9. Should you be found to have broken any of the above rules, you will be removed from the competition. No refunds will be given for any monies already paid, so please ensure you read all rules and Terms & Conditions thoroughly prior to submitting your application. Should you be removed and have associated parties and sponsors requiring a refund, this will be at your own personal expense and not the responsibility of the Miss Olamma Africa organization and its parent company Emvirtue Network.

10. If rules are found to have been broken after you have been selected, your title will be revoked and you will be required to return any prizes, including sash and crown, to the Miss Olamma Africa Organisation and the title will be given to the 1st Runner Up.

11. Should you fail to attend on the specified date for the boot camp, you will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid in relation to that and you could be automatically disqualified. If you arrive more than one hour late, you may also be refused entry to the boot camp.

12. By applying for this contest, you are confirming that you suit all criteria set out above and fully understand the rules and requirements, and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

13. Miss Olamma Africa Organisation reserves the right to refuse applications. All successful entrants will receive a confirmation by email within an hour or less of applying.

14. Contestants shall accept the final results of all contests as honest, true, and impartial as adjudged by our competent independent judges

15. The pictures you submit for this contest and all pictures/content generated from the process are properties of Miss Olamma Africa and its parent company.

16. It shall be the organization's discretion as to whether or not any rules have been broken. The decision of the Miss Olamma Africa Organisation is final.

If you have any concerns about the above rules of entry or the terms and conditions, please bring these to the attention of the Miss Olamma Africa Organisation. prior to entry. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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