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Miss Olamma Africa:

Miss Olamma Africa is not only a celebration of the beauty of Africa from the eyes of the Igbo women of South East Nigeria, it is the acknowledgement of the most virtuous, most valuable, the most precious gift of all that the universe has bestowed upon humanity, THE WOMAN.
Olamma is the Igbo word translated to mean ‘Beautiful jewel’. It is the most novel and significantly distinct term to describe the Igbo woman. Much like the famed lore of Spartan women of ancient Greece, the Igbo woman is a keeper, she stands in honour, reverence and support of her man, yet her enterprise towers above and beyond the reach of her contemporaries.
Miss Olamma Africa Pageant is therefore created as a platform to showcase the Igbo woman of Africa, her virtues, enterprise, talent, beauty, heart, and the very importantly significant role she is playing to upscale the African economy, culture and story.

Our vision

To create the biggest pan-Igbo beauty pageant in the world, and celebrate African women globally.

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Our mission

To constantly create ich and diverse content that will televise the African spirit and excellence through the Igbo culture.

  • Global Positioning
  • Pan-Igbo
  • Cultural Integration
  • Tourism of Igbo Land
  • Technology driven
  • Innovation
  • Igbo Market Segmentation and Penetration
  • Women Empowerment

The Contest

Miss Olamma Africa Pageant Season 2 has been themed IFENKILI (Something to Behold). Each of the 5 Eastern states will hold their eliminations and produce 3 winners who will represent their state in what will become an epic Contest of Champions (CoC).
The CoC will have a total of 15 champions who will battle for the most coveted crown in all of the Igbo Universe. The queen will be a very loud and significant voice in leadership, policy, culture, tourism, and economy of Ndi Igbo all over the world.
Miss Olamma Africa Contest of Champions will be streamed live to millions across the world, aired on multiple television platforms local and internationally on both cable and terrestrial broadcasting, and will attract diverse international interests.


Interested contestants are welcomed from any part of the world they are resident, so long as they are Igbo women from any of the five Igbo states which are Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo.


1. Eligible contestants must be from the five core Igbo states.

2. Must be between 18years to 28years of age at the time of registration.

3. Must not be less than 5.8ft in height

State Contest

The preliminary state contests will hold virtually through voting online, tasks, monetized voting, ticket sales and any other model introduced by the management.
Preliminary state contest will hold in each state for a specific period of time. Each state will produce a winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up.
All three winners from each of he 5 states making 15 winners will then proceed to represent their state at the Contest of Champions (CoC).


1st Runner up


A sum of N2,000,000

All-expense paid trip

Brand endorsements

Media Exposure



A car

A sum of N3,000,000

All-expense paid trip

Brand endorsements

Media Exposure

2nd Runner up


A sum of N1,000,000

All-expense paid trip

Brand endorsements

Media Exposure

Category winners to be determined.


The Contest of Champions (CoC) will take place at a designated state. Any state can bid to host it. We will profile and showcase the state across platforms. Hosting the CoC will attract so many visitors both local and international to the state. This will also ensure a major spike in the state’s IGR amongst many other benefits.

The Company

Emvirtue Network is made up of a team of stellar break away from the norm professional young men and women who have a depth of inspired imaginations, core brand strategy and innovation mechanics, experiential situational planning, guts, grit and energy in them.

Established as an Integrated Service Company Emvirtue is thrust in multichannel business model that spreads across project management, media, entertainment, marketing communications, tech and consulting.

Emvirtue Network owns Miss Olamma Africa Pageant, SME Economy Africa, Royal Woman Awards, Royal Baby Awards, Face of Aninri Pageant, Face of Okpanku Pageant, Okpanku Rising Magazine, Emvirtue Publishing, amongst others.

Emvirtue Network is a company to trust, invest and partner with. It is built upon integrity, dedication, and innovation.


Ogbuefi Emmanuel Ezima

Emmanuel Ezima or Ogbuefi EM as he is popularly known, is the CEO of Emvirtue Network. He has had his stint in corporate Nigeria and now is settled to build up Emvirtue to a global brand. He trains corporate organizations and facilitates on topics cutting across Customer Service, Corporate Communications, Workplace Attitude Management, Corporate Culture, Personal Branding and Image Management etc.

He has been an integral part of the conceptualization and activation of several projects such as Beads and Arts Exhibition, SME Economy Conference and Awards, The National Higher Education Forum, Royal Baby Awards, Royal Woman Awards, Face of Okpanku Pageant; television commercials, voiceover, and billboards, for super brands like Etisalat, Peak Milk, Guinness, Power Horse Energy Drink, Golden Penny Prime, Vitafoam, Legend Extra Stout, Gulder, Good Mama Detergent, etcetera. He has also been in consultancy with and staffed for leading brands and marketing communication agencies like Insight Communications, TELL Communications, Elvira Saleras and Associates, etcetera.

In 2017, he founded and executed the Face of Okpanku Pageant, a platform he designed to discover, hone and export grassroot talents. In 2019, he also founded the SME Economy Africa Masterclass to train, equip and certify African startups to compete better in the global market. He has collaborated with United Bank for Africa (UBA), Coca Cola, and Vconnect in this effort.

Emmanuel founded Miss Olamma Africa Pageant in 2020, in the heat of the deadly corona virus and Nigeria’s national lockdown. He designed it as the biggest Igbo pageant in the world deploying tech and innovation as physical meetings were not possible. He has since gone on to establish the Olamma Africa Pathfinders Award and Olamma Magazine.

A graduate of English and Comparative Literature from Olabisi Onabanjo University, he has been interviewed on television, radio, newspaper, magazines and blogs. Emmanuel is a disruptive serial entrepreneur who brings a lot of vigor, electricity and creative metabolism to every place and task he is involved with. He is on upscale demand as a conference facilitator, corporate and social event host across different circles. He loves life and his personal mantra is “whatever the challenge, whatever the circumstance, live, as it all dies’

Project Coordinator

Obianuju 'Tigi' Okoroafor

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Emvirtue Network is made up of a team of stellar break away from the norm professional young men and women who have a depth of inspired imaginations, core brand strategy and innovation mechanics.