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The Pageant

Miss Olamma Africa is not only a celebration of the beauty of Africa from the eyes of the Igbo women of South East Nigeria, it is the acknowledgement of the most virtuous, most valuable, the most precious gift of all that the universe has bestowed upon humanity, The Word Olamma is the Igbo word translated to mean ‘Beautiful jewel’. It is the most novel and significantly distinct term to describe the Igbo woman. Much like the famed lore of Spartan women of ancient Greece, the Igbo woman is a keeper, she stands in honour, reverence and support of her man, yet her enterprise towers above and beyond the reach of her contemporaries from other climes.

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Olamma manifests herself in all of Africa. Olamma is Africa. Africa is beautiful, Africa is blessed with rich abundance of mineral and human resources.  Africa is the cradle of civilization; Africa’s wealth is what builds global economy. And just like Olamma, Africa needs to be empowered to crystalize into the haven that gives rest to the rest of the world. Africa is Olamma!

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